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    I was performing a sync (KeySuite) when, during the middle of it, my Treo 650 restarted itself mysteriously. It's restarted before but never during a sync. After it came back on I performed another sync however, I've now lost Contacts and Calendar items. Some have stayed in Outlook but been removed from my Treo and some are gone from both. It's as though it took me back to a point in time and lost all updates forward.

    I've also lost all the settings in my Treo - wallpaper, ringtones, button assignments, etc... but some were retained. Again, as though it took me back to a specific point in time (not too long ago).

    Does anybody know what might have happened and what I can do to get all the information back? I really need to Outlook calendar items as I don't have any other record of when I've scheduled meetings.

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    I'm now at the point where my Outlook data is back up to date but the Treo isn't. Would the best thing to do now be to force a synhronization where Outlook overwrites everything on the Treo?

    Is there a way to save all the settings of my Treo (assigned ringtones, wallpaper, buttons, etc...) so that if this happens again I can just restore it all without having to go through them one-by-one to see which were lost?

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