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    Today I needed to be at a place without any wireless connection and I was going to be stuck there for quite some time (actually I am still here and no I'm not in jail )

    So...last night I found, and downloaded PDANet and tried it quickly and it all seemed to work beautifully (NO setup at all...niiicee). I am..surfing the net from this no-wireless connection place on my laptop hooked up to my Treo with the USB sync cable and it's working GREAT.

    Some speed information (that of course may vary on your own connections but atleast this is what I noticed:
    * On-line using a wireless modem: 180-220 kbs
    * On-line going through my Treo: 120-130 kbs

    Quite honestly the speed is very good and 'feels' almost as good as regular wireless.

    If anyone is looking for a way to surf the net on your laptop on the train, bus or any other godforsaken place that does not provide you with any other options - I'd recommend giving PDANet a try. Works great on my 650.

    Can be found here:
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    Hey Tiffany,

    What kind of wireless network do you connect to? 120-130 isn't that fast. My wireless network averages around 600 maybe and i've seen it get a lot higher.

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    120-130 was what I got when using the PDANet application through my Treo

    Back home I have a 802.11g wireless router (D-Link)

    It may be the tool at zdnet that didnt measure things correctly
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    Thanks for posting this Tiffany. I've used PDANet on my Treo 600 over the last 10 monthes or so (but it's painful at the 35kbps limit.) I'm looking forward to getting my Treo 650 (on backorder) so I can take advantage of EDGE speeds, so it's good to hear what your experience is like with PDANet.

    Are you on Sprint OR Cingular?
    Treo 750 (AT&T)
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    I'm on Sprint and as I write this I'm using PDANet
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    Don't use it too much or you're liable to get dinged for 'ugly overages!'
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    Well, I hope this quote from their site is correct:

    "With default settings, PdaNet usage is treated as wireless data usage, same as usage from the web browser on your Treo. Air minutes (phone usage) will not apply. "
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    Hey Tiffany,

    It's against your Terms of Service (for Sprint) to hook up your phone to a laptop for internet access on plain old $10 or $15 variety Vision. I've heard stories both here and on where people have had their Vision taken away (forever!) because of excessive usage. Be aware. I think if you use it moderately (no more than a couple megabytes/day) you'll be okay, but just know you're violating their TOS. I think that's what arognlie was talking about.

    PS: The latency of 1xRTT is REALLY bad (on the magnitude of several hundred or even thousands of milliseconds!)'ll get a little better than modem speed once the data starts flowing, but there is no way that it's on par with a 802.11g access point.
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    I've tried to find that in the TOS but can't seem to do so Do you have the section handy?
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    Ignore those who tell you about overages. Been using my Sprint cellphone as a modem since my Samsung i330 days. Never a nickel extra. And I use my cell as a laptop modem about an hour a day on average.
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    Quote Originally Posted by delao13
    Ignore those who tell you about overages. Been using my Sprint cellphone as a modem since my Samsung i330 days. Never a nickel extra. And I use my cell as a laptop modem about an hour a day on average.
    I once used my Treo as a modem 6 hours a day for 3 weeks straight, surfin the net, uploading and downloading things, and when I got the bill, I wasn't charged 1 penny of overages. Maybe I just got lucky.
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    Here it is:

    Sprint PCS Vision. Not avai'l where use is in connection with server devices or host computer applications, other systems that drive continuous heavy traffic or data sessions, or as substitutes for private lines or frame relay connections. Sprint PCS Vision Packs are not avai'l: (1) with any other device used in connection with a computer or PDA - including phones, smart phones or other devices used with connection kits or similar phone-to-computer/PDA accessories; and (2) with Bluetooth Vision capable PCS Phones used as a modem in connection with other devices. Sprint reserves the right to deny or to terminate service without notice for any misuse. Credits for premium services do not carry forward and are not avai'l for use with all service

    Also read these posts in

    So, for now, light use seems to be okay. Of course, sprint has the right to change this policy, because they clearly state ANY use is a violation of their terms and conditions...

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