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    Today my Treo600 started nagging me about unread text messages.
    I didn't think it could do that. In both cases, the nag came 15 minutes after
    the original message.

    I did just install TreoHelper to see what it could do for me (I REALLY want
    customized alerts for different text messages, but that doesn't work on the
    600). But TreoHelper doesn't claim to do nagging, and a quick scan of the
    source code didn't turn up any obvious nagging code.

    This is a very new Verizon Treo600, if that makes a difference.

    So is this a hidden TreoHelper feature, or a recent addition to the standard
    SMS app? Or did I somehow turn this on with something else?
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    Butler? TreoAlertMgr?

    There may be a couple of other utils that do this, but those two are off the top of my head.

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