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    So I called up cingular today to switch my 44.00 dollar unlimited data plan to the media works unlimited before it switches over to the new 3mb a month plan. He switched it for me with no problem (were pretty friendly). So now I have the 20 dollar a month plan before it gets jacked up...GREAT. However, when i try to connect it says opening GPRS connection(does it) Signing on (get the shaking hands) and then boom, it cancels the connection. Now i called him only like 25 minutes ago to switch over. Do you think it takes a little while for the plan to activate or something? Are there different settings for Unlimited MEdia Works vs. Unlimited PDA data plan. I thought that it worked right out of the box. Perhaps I have to be patient. But it would blow if this doesnt work, I dont want to have to go back to the 44 dollar sucka. Please help with settings or just tell me to relax and will eventually come!

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    It maybe the time required for the system to recognize the plan change over.

    I would wait a couple of hours before trying call.
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    Take out the batter and put it back in and it should be fixed. I had the same problem.
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    I tried taking the battery out...still goes through the same process of signing on and then cancelling. It indicates I have GPRS service...i guess that i have to wait cause it should technically connect even if it won't give me access(which im sure it will once it works). If anyone has suggestions please let me know.

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    Sometimes it takes carrier 4 hours to provision a new service. If you want you can call tech support and verify how soon you can use your plan and whether any user setup is necessary.
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    I find that I connect on the "Cingular Express" setting rather than the "Cingular" one.
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    what setting is that? I dont see it in my drop down menu...can u provide the settings.
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    It's likely that your Treo is trying to connect using the APN, user and password for the other service (APN for the data plans is ISP.CINGULAR, username is either ISP@CINGULARGPRS.COM or ISPDA@CINGULARGPRS.COM). When you switched from a data plan to MediaWorks, your access point has to be switched from ISP.CINGULAR to WAP.CINGULAR, and the username has to be switched to WAP@CINGULARGPRS.COM. The password stays the same. I'm not sure how this is configured on the Treo (I don't have one yet), but it's sounds likely that this is your problem. A lot of carriers change these device configs remotely using an SMS message to the phone, did you get one of those after you changed your plan?
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    the previous settings for unlimited data were WAP.CINGULAR AND WAP@CINGULARGPRS.COM, so i dont think thats it...i thought they were the same for MEdia works unlimited.
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    Just got my unlocked Treo - wouldn't signon using Blazer, but when I went to Prefs -> Network connection (all the settings for WAP. were correct), and clicked "connect" there, then it worked. Will I have to do that every time..?

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