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    Quote Originally Posted by dutchtrumpet
    I prefer...

    doesn't have to be trained

    This is the program I was referring to - just load an go - best program I have added to the 650.
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    it really does look cool...i cant wait to try it out...especially the fact you can say the numbers and it will dial it
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    I consider 2Day an essential part of my Treo. I use it all the time to take a glance at the status of my calendar, tasks, phone functions, communications (email and IM), etc. It is a summary screen of all that is on your phone.
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    Wow, this thread is four pages long and no mention of a backup program, unless I missed it.

    BackupBuddy or BackupMan?
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    ha its only 2 on my computer and treo...but in all honesty I don't think I need a backup app
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    backup buddy!!!!!
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    Backupman! Whoo whoo whoo!
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    Yeah -- I'm suprised a a back up program wasn't metioned earlier. Good call marky

    Also, Hofo, you may want to look more into a launcher - Zlauncher seems to be the boards favorite. W/ all those programs u are gonna need to save some space.

    One more great program -- Filez
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