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    I downloaded the patch to OS version 3.1.1 but when i look in the info for palmOS it says i have version 3.1 is this normal? also is 3.1.1 the highest you can upgrade to without flash memory??? if so how does handspring plan to let you upgrade the OS...???
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    just one question...I was just on the handspring website. Where is the update to OS 3.1.1? i didnt see it. If u got it off the CD that came with the visor, then u cant use it. The OS updates on the visor are or regular palmOS devices. Handspring uses it's own variation of the OS with an "H" at the end (OS 3.1H). Also, it is impossible to upgrade the OS in the rom without sending it back to handspring. The Palm devices use "flash rom" which can be edited with OS updates etc. But the visor has "Mask rom" which cannot be edited, only replaced. Handspring probably wasnt thinking, when they put the roms in their devices, about needing future OS updates. So, unless the update is posted on the website, then it wont work. BTW, anyone know where i can find a version of "Bomberman" (its a game) for PalmOS/Visor?
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    I downloaded it off It didnt say anything about needing to reflash/replace the ROM on the handheld. And when i put it on my handheld it just said something about having to restart it to get it installed... The file is only about 1kb large. Go try downloading and installing for yourself at tell me if it works for you if you would.
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    Just FYI, the 3.1.1 update won't bring any benefit to the Visor, nor do any harm (except using 1k mem).
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    According to the visorcentral faq, the palmos 3.1.1 update may help with streaking on the screen.

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