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    Quote Originally Posted by Snyder81
    GoodGuy, can you answer this? We have almost 400 BlackBerry devices deployed. What kind of buy back can we get for these currently deployed devices(Assuming the user wants to switch.) Also, what kind of bulk pricing can we get on Treo 650's?

    Feel free to PM me.
    PM Sent.
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    I've spoken with the folks at rim. Version 1 will only support email (not calendar) and will only work on gprs (not cdma).

    They also said palm was sitting on it but to expect a public announcement very soon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GoodGuy
    No offense taken. I am a realist. I know the hurdle we have to overcome with RIM. Hell, 2.5 million users is a BIG hurdle. BTW, that phone, with BB Built In, is only available in the UK
    And Sweden - possibly the whole EU.

    Palm M100 --> GSM Treo 600 --> GSM Treo 650 --> GSM Treo 680
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