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    I just got my Cingular 650 today and a Lexar 1gb 32x card. I cant get the card to be recognized by the treo at all. I can pop in an old freebee card I got with software on it and it sees it, but not the new one, (this is in "card info") I also can't get it to be seen by my card reader on my laptop. The laptop chimes like a new device is being inserted in it when I push the reader in, but nothing shows up. Any ideas? Bad card? Thanks!
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    What version of Windows are you running on the laptop? If the card doesnt work on both the Treo and the computer then there it is probably bad. I have the same card that I use on my Treo 650 and have had no problems with it. I put it in the Treo right out of the packaging and it was recognized without any action on my part.
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    Did you format the card on your pc before you put it into the Treo? PalmOS only recog FAT 16 and if you formated the ard on your PC using NTFS or something, then the Treo will not recognize it. You will have to format the card on your Treo first and then it should work. If not, then try formating it to Fat 16 some other way...
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    All I did was open the packaging and try it in my laptop (windows XP pro) and in the Treo, either recognize it. Must be bad, thanks for the help...

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