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    I currently have Sprint service until August with my normal phone. I would like to purchase a Treo 650. Can I get one that will work with Sprint for now, but will be able to be switched to Verizon in later this year? Is this possible or do I just wait until August and buy it?

    Thanks for any information. I'm a little confused by the different types of 650s that you can buy (CDMA/GSM/unlocked/etc/etc).

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    Why switch, won't you have to pay more for data?

    Here is a thread dedicated to the topic of verizonized 650's:
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    Sprint T650 will work on verizon but it is not a straight forward issue. You don't just call Verizon and say you have a sprint T650.

    The thread posted by Gaboo shows that you have lots of work to do, and you also have to trick verizon into thinking it is not a T650 you're trying to activate.

    Besides, if you get the Sprint T650 at the discount of $150 won't you have to recommit to Sprint? If not then it maybe worth it to switch later, using the famous "Verizonizing" trick. You may get the speed of Verizon, but you'll pay dearly for it at $45 a month for data.
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    I haven't studied the rates enough to know about that part, but the Sprint signal in my area is not very good. It used to be fine when I was in a larger city, but now it is not. Verizon seems to be the best signal in this area from an unofficial survey I have conducted from friends' phones.

    If I bought the phone now I wouldn't be eligible for the rebates from a contract. I may just wait until August to take advantage of the rebates and get a non-Sprint phone.


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