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    How is it? And I'm assuming it has vibrate?
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    plenty loud. and yes of course it has vibrate. if i have it up all the way the whole office starts rockin' to 80's heavy metal when mine rings. definately no problem with ringer volume.
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    Ok good

    Is is the sound quality of mp3 ringtones?
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    yes i have ringo pro and use my mp3 files as ring tones. they sound really well for a phone with only one speaker. i am very happy with its performance.
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    Have you noticed that when you have a headset plugged in, that your MP3 ringtones (Ringo Pro) to not play through the speaker?
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    I too have ringo pro and I am using a HBH-660 headset. I have found that the ring volume is lower than I woud like but under normal circumstances is acceptable. The headset does not play the MP3 ring tone when a call comes in but the phone does if the sound is turned on. Over all I am happy with this set up but would be happier still if the ringer volume was improved.

    Hope this helps...
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    for mp3, use ringopro & tweak the mp3 a bit
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