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    Heres' my situation:
    I have a cingular 650 and my friend has a sprint 650. I wanted to beam him a file, and we both remembered, " why don't I just bluetooth it to you?"
    So we pair our treos with no problem. I then open filez and select the file I want to send him and pick send via bluetooth. I pick his treo 650 and click ok.
    My treo then tries to connect to my friend's treo and the give me an error "unable to send to:"
    I tried a few times more, and even repaired and still no go.
    Has anyone been able to to this with 2 treo 650's?
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    I guess no one uses bluetooth to send files between treo's?
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    I was wondering the same thing. It wasn't neccesarily for Treo to Treo, but between mobile phones. I have the Cingular 650, and wanted to send files to someone with a Nokia. I am wondering if Cingular is disabling this feature so we have to send pictures through MMS. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
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    i know my frend can send me files from his Nokia (T-Mobile) through bluetooth to my phone.
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    My brother has the Cingular 650 and I have the Sprint 650. I have had mine for a few weeks now, and he just got his the other day. In an effort to get him up and running with some third party apps I like, I have transferred lots of stuff to him via bluetooth. I have not done it through fileZ though. I used the file viewer in zLauncher.

    To make our first transfer we did have to do some sort of connection establishment move that made the phones "friends". I don't recall what all that entailed, but it was fairly intuitive or we wouldn't have figured it out. I think we had to add one another to "trusted devices". ...something like that.

    Anyway, that was a long way to say:

    YES, it works.

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