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    I am waiting for my treo650 gsm, but I know when I get it I will want to use a fullsized keyboard for when I am on the road. I currently travel with my PPC and a keyboard. My question is, which one is best? The IR one? The bluetooth one? Are they fast? Any bugs?
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    The Palm Wireless Keyboard (IR) is nice, especially the newest ver b/c it now includes a full numeric row:

    The advantage of the PWK is that it will work with virtually any handheld: Palm, PPC and even symbian drivers are available. And since all devices have IR ports, it's hard to find a device that won't work.

    Also, Thinkoutside just released their BT drivers for the Treo:

    Haven't tried this but seems like a very nice solution. The pros are that it uses BT which means more flexibilty while use it (i.e, positioning of keyboard etc) and also has lock so you can place it on you lap etc. The cons are that you can use it with non BT device and that BT is more of a power hog than IR.

    Then finally there is the option of using the full PC keyboard on your Treo via Mobilityware's Keylink:

    Not useful for when you're on the road, but may come in handy...
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    Thanks gfunk. How is the speed of typing on the IR one? I mean is it like a regular PC.. a little slower? I had a palm 3 years ago and I had the plugin keyboard I used to take notes in class. The thing was super slow to respond.. Big delay from key strike to showing on the screen.
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    I have the IR keyboard for about a week. It works great. The only issue is the phone wants to slide a little but I am getting some egrips and that should keep it from sliding.
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    I have the IR keyboard... it's pretty snappy.
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    I've just ordered the thinkoutside bluetooth keyboard and mouse for my ipaq, i'm going to see if it works with the 650... i will be very happy if it does!
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    I'd wait on the Bluetooth keyboard for the Treo. They're coming out with a 'universal' version in a couple of months (the current one, despite Palm drivers) is Pocket PC centric.
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    I had an IR version, but I would wait for Bluetooth as well. My IR worked fine, even on 270 but, it took a few minutes to align perfectly, kind of took the awe of others away. I never noticed much delay.
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    How about the IR virtual keyboard
    I have read good reviews with ipaq..
    200 bucks , but looks techie..

    or this compact one handed bluetooth badboy
    Much fastertyping than traditional keyboard..
    Any experiences....
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    Quote Originally Posted by mausalot
    I'd wait on the Bluetooth keyboard for the Treo. They're coming out with a 'universal' version in a couple of months (the current one, despite Palm drivers) is Pocket PC centric.
    Any idea when this is coming out? Price? Review? THANKS!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by santa
    I have the IR keyboard... it's pretty snappy.
    I'll be purchasing a 650 soon and have been looking at this keyboard. I currently have a 600 with the full size keyboard. One thing I really like is that you have the ability to emulate the 5-way Dpad using keyboard keys (i.e. right, left, up, down and center buttons). Does the Palm Wireless Keyboard offer this kind of support? TIA
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