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    Anyone know if they make a Snappermail trial version?
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    Does Snappermail have a userguide/maual? I looked on the Snappermail Website, but couldn't find anything (either PDF or online).

    I want to download the manual before I try the free trial. Specifically, I need to see how to configure my free Yahoo e-mail account to Snapper.

    Curious: is there a e-mail program that allows you to see html/Web based e-mails? I'm guessing no, but you never know.

    Sidebar: Versamail didn't have a user manual (at least for 2.7) at that's why I gave up on that program.
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    I've posted the Snappermail Standard Ed. Manual here

    VersaMail manual from PalmOne here

    I use both and they work great, but I use POP accounts
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