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    Here is an example of what I am talking about:

    If I have a class every Monday at 6pm for three months I would set it up as a reccurring event. For each seperate occurence of that event I would enter the specifics for that event in the notes field in Outlook. This enabled me to have a reccurring event that had different notes in the notes field for each occurence of that event. This works perfectly on my PPCs, and I could enter this information either from Outlook or from my PPC.

    However, my Treo 600 is incapable of editing as well as entering the notes for these individual events in the reccurrence. If I try to edit just one, the changes will appear in every instance of the reccurrence instead of being limited to the one I actually edited.

    My question is: Will the Treo 650 allow me to accomplish what I was able to do with my PPC or is it like the Treo 600 in this regard?
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    Hi Silver5,

    I have the 650 with Plan plus by franklin covey. Entering different notes for each day can be done with this software. Take a look at it and see if it is what you need. Free 30 day trial:

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