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    First, this forum is great. I thought I was the only Visor user out there with questions.
    People here are helpful and passionate about
    thier visors like I am

    I have read reviews for both JFile and
    ThinkDB. There doesn't seem to be a clearcut
    choice that I can see. I really need a database prorgam for managing my clients and inventory.

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    They are both fine programs, and I'm sure you will find no shortage of advocates for each of them. Sadly, only you can really determine what is best for you. It costs only your time to try each out.

    The deciding factor may be the library of reference databases available - if any of them are of use to you. JFile has a clear advantage here. OTOH, I think ThinkDB has the better conduit for Access.
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    I looked at/tried MobileDB, JFile, ThinkDB, and HanDBase, and ended up choosing HanDBase. My primary reason was that it seemed "cleaner" and was easier to use. I have a 600+ person detailed contact list that I converted from Access (saved as CSV file, then used the HanDBase conversion utility). I have also converted several databases (that I found on from MobileDB and JFile format by using their conversion utilities to create CSV files, then used the HandDBase conversion utility to get them to HanDBase format.

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