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    Does it matter whether you purchase the Tungsten T3 ($349) or Zire 72 ($299) models to use with the 650? Thanks in advance.
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    Will the TomTom bundle work with the Treo 600 or just the 650.

    Also, which one of the packages available on is for the Treo 600/650.

    Has anyone purchased on ebay and had any problems with obtaining service.

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    I haven't seen a big difference in price for BT GPS receivers, so you might as well get one that has the latest in chipsets. I know TomTom's model does, but I don't know enough about these chipsets to tell you what to look for.

    As far as a trial for the TomTom navigator, I don't think there is one available. The only thing I can suggest along these lines is to go into a local store that sells regular stant-alone GPS units. TomTom makes a unit called the TomTom Go, which basically has the same interface (software) that is on their versions they sell for PalmOS and PocketPC. So you might be able to get an idea of how it looks and works, albeit on a screen that's probably a bit bigger...
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