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    Is it possible to assign the volume keys "answer call" functionallity? I currently use a leather belt case that holds the Treo600 horizontally on my side and has a hole for me to connect the Jabra Earwave headset. When a call comes in, I must remove the Treo and answer the call and than put the unit back in my belt case. Problem is that to remove the unit , I have to disconnect the headset.

    If I were able to assign the volume keys to "answer call" than I could look down press the volume key and wouldn't have to remove the head set then the Treo to answer a call.

    Has anyone ever asked this seemingly common question?
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    I believe you can accomplish this with TreoGuard. There is a setting to reassign the volume keys as well as the 4 hard keys. You can select "Answer Call" or "Ignore call" for both Volume Up and Volume Down.

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