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    Received 3100 kit yesterday (phone should be here today)...

    Question for anyone who has installed this...If not this may make very little sense.

    The kit comes with ISO connectors which aren't on my Pioneer unit and GMC truck...

    Ideally, the kit fits between the radio and the factory wiring harness. Ideally is not spoken here...

    Can I just connect the speaker harness to itself and then splice in the radio speaker leads?

    The power harness is more straight forward...I can just chop off ISO connector and connect to constant power, ignition power and ground.

    I'll let you know...worst case is I start blowing fuses!!
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    Check out this thread, it will probably explain one way to do it (which is pretty clean).
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    Found that thread after the fact. Should of done a better search...Either way, it's in and working pretty well....


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