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    Hello everyone in treo land. I have been reading posts all morning and here is my question, if this is suppose to be such a great piece of technology then why are there so many problems with it? I have read over a dozen different posts talking about a dozen different problems with the 650. These are ranging from hard resets, soft resets after syncing, dimming screens and programs crashing. Of course, there are patches to fix these problems that seem to work only some of the time. When paying 500-600 for a phone, I would expect it to work great all of the time! Iím not a power user. I have a cell and a Tungsten E that I use to stay organized. I use pocket quicken as far as third party software and thatís it. I truly want to consolidate the two but after reading all these posts Iím not sure I want to take that dive. Are these problems that youíre having do to the fact that you are running so many third party apps? Or are these problems just inherent of the 650? I have also read in some of the posts that these problems often occur in a pocket pc as well. Maybe Iím missing the big picture. I think this is a great site. Everyone seems to help one another and everyone, for the most part, is very friendly. Iím just very confused now. Itís seems that you have to chose between the lesser of two evils; the convenience of one item or the seemingly endless system problems. Your input on this topic is greatly appreciated.

    Concerned wanna be treo owner
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    I had the same concerns after reading all the info I could get my hands on about the 650. You have to remember the type of problems. Alot of them are with third party software and setting up diferent network connections and things of this nature. from what I got from your post you sound like a person wanting basic organizing and a phone.
    The treo should be fine, but when you get into the more complex applications and services you can get with the phone naturally you are going to be running into some problems.

    Plus you have to remember you are reading all this at one time and its a little overwhelming at the problems from this phone but one might have just this one problem and another might have this one and on and on.

    I just ordered my treo 650 and I am not expecting to have ALL these problems, but hey if I do I know where to get them all sorted out....
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    I think pinball's post sums it up. If you want to be converged into one device, no matter what you go with (t650, ppc6600, hp, sx66, motorola mpx, etc) you are probably going to have to deal with some issues. (I think we all have an expectation of perfection when we hand out $600 bucks but reality indicates that some will have problems.)

    Here you have a resource to troubleshoot a problem (this assumes that you will have a problem.) It has been posted before that people usually post problems here more often then a person who has had no problems. It is hard to say how often.

    Make your decision to purchase based on a risk/benefit analysis of what you think the 650 (or whatever device your considering) will do for you. You sound pretty happy with the cell phone/pda setup you have now. Figure out how important it is to you to converge the two.
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    Also when a machine works fine most people don't take the time to post about it, if there is a prob. people do..
    This may give a bit weird perspective on the product..
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    Thanks for the insight. As far as merging the two, itís a matter of convenience. I live or die by my palm. My wife and her junk, my two kids and their junk, my shop and all the stuff associated with it, I always have to have it with me. I just want one device to do it all so to speak. And you three are right. No one wants to give you a pat on the back if youíre doing well. But theyíll sure let you know if youíre f**king up. Thanks again for the responses. Like I said, this is a great site.

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