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    I've tried all of the advice many of you have kindly given me. I cannot get VS's software to work, in any consistent way, with my Jabra 250 headset.

    Some have said that all one has to do is trigger the VS software by pushing a pre-programmed "side button". And, then, simply speak into the BT headset.

    I can get VS to trigger with the pushbutton. From there, it's all down hill.

    My Jabra 250 is not connected to the Treo until I push the headset button. So, with normal calls, I can either:

    1. Dial them with the Treo, first, and then push the Jabra button -- in a second or two, the Jabra will take over; or,

    2. Push the Jabra button, first, dial from the Treo, and the Jabra will be operative. (I find using this scenario, there is a little more noise on the line than using th firt one.)

    I've tried both scenarios with VoiceSignal -- neither works.

    For example, if I trigger the program first, and then push the BT button, the BT headset does not come on line fast enough to give the voice command. It seems to have trouble breaking into the VS dialing routine.

    Pushing the side button brings up VS, but not Bluetooth. The entire transaction is done with the phone's microphone.

    (On my other cell phones, as will be discussed below, pushing any dial function button automatically activates the BT headset.)

    During the "command" cycle, all the feedback from the phone comes from the rear speaker not through the built in earpiece. I find this kind of annoying and not very private.

    (Does it do this with the attached, wired, headphone? If so, it appears that the only way to use the program is to use the phone's microphone and speaker for the initial command. (Unless there is a way to change this within VS, and I've looked and failed to find it, in my case, this alone is enough to force me to forgoe using the product.)

    The only way I have been able to make it work is to push the side button, use the Treo to get the call started, and once it is ringing, hand it off to the BT headset. This is really clumsy. I use the headset and voice dialing when I am driving -- as a way of making things simple -- not complicated. When I'm not in the car, I can use the other ways to dial.

    Unfortunately, this isn't the only problem I've been having with this program.

    Because I've also found that the voice recognition is not all that accurate, I'll probably just give up it.

    I'm pleased for all of you who are raving that it is dead on accurate and easy to use. Unfortunately, it is not and has not been that way for me.

    I truly respect the enormous amount of work and creativity that went into this program. I am not faulting anyone. I'm just explaining why it doesn't work for me and hoping that some of you can give me work arounds or advice that will allow me to make it do what I need done. I cannot believe that the Treo 650 that I waited for for so long has such weak voice dialing.

    I think the difference between the loud applause many of you have for VS, and my incredible frustration with it, may stem from the way one keeps contacts in the phone.

    Palm Desktop is the touchstone for all of the contacts in my Treo. I enter full names, titles, etc.. Many of my contacts have Middle Initials. I may know someone's name, but not middle initial. When I use a voice command, I can give the first and last name, but I'll never remember the initial. I've found that during dialing I must include the initial to get a decent level of recognition.

    This is not the program's fault. It is mine. I suppose I can go into my contacts file and re-do the names to make them more VS friendly. But, then they would not work as well for business letters, etc..

    (Does anyone know what fields VS searches for a name? I'm wondering if I can shortcut some of this process by typing in "Nicknames" into the Palm Desktop software. If so, and if hey would be the field searched, this may solve the "formal name/initial" problem.

    The programmers face another challenge that I see as very difficult -- the fact that many names are pronounced in a non-phonetic way. For example, in order to get it to dial "Denise" -- the woman's name, I had to say "Dennis".

    And, as best I can tell, there is no way to train VS to hear the difference.

    Finally, back to the BT headset issue.

    It baffles me that this $599 phone cannot do what the simplest Sony Ericcson phones have been doing for years. I guess I was spoiled by the SE VD interface -- if not their phones.

    The BT implementation was easy -- just push the headset button and give your voice command (you never touched the phone -- it could be in your briefcase). Yes, you had to record your "voice tags", but once you were done, it worked.

    Being able to use voice commands for "redial" and "answer" as well as individual numbers was great.

    And, the BT implementation was flawless -- and that's two years ago. You'd think things would be getting better.

    Yes, they were programs that had to be "trained", and I applaud the work VoiceSignal has done to make an out-of-the-box product, but I see inherent problems in there effort to do so.

    I accept their explanation that the BT problem is Treo's, not theirs.

    In the end, using VS seems to me less practical than using one of the the voice dial programs that have to be trained.

    With those programs, my voice command will be the name as I want it to be -- not the formal name I use in my Desktop.

    ( Does anyone have suggestions for an alternative to VS that meets my concerns? )

    Finally, none of these programs will have true value to me until they work with BT.

    I waited to get a 650 because I have become so enamored with my BT headsets on my SE phones and my Nokia 6620.

    Palm should be ashamed of the BT implementation on this "state-of-the-day" Treo.

    Disabling DUN is a bad thing -- but I can understand the economics of their position.

    However, having a new model phone that makes it difficult to do routine tasks through a BT headset is inexcusable.

    That said, I love the 650 and will keep it. I'm sure either Palm or some 3d party will solve the BT headset problem.



    PS. And then there's the "price" issue. No matter where I looked on the Handango or Palm websites, I could not find a price for this software. I even called Palm and the rep told me he couldn't find it either.

    I knew it was over when I started saying words to the VS prompts that it surely had never been trained to understand.
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    Too wordy, I'm only reponding to a couple of points

    Quote Originally Posted by prairiefire
    My Jabra 250 is not connected to the Treo until I push the headset button.
    Jabra BT250 has issues, not only with the T650, but with other PDA phones like my PPC6601. I dumped it and and used a Moto HS810. Works great and I can use voice command with it.

    That said, I love the 650 and will keep it. I'm sure either Palm or some 3d party will solve the BT headset problem.
    LOL, yeah that's the ticket to please the Treo crowd. Saying "I love my Treo650." I think I'm gonna start using that line myself.
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    Check out this thread for some info of significance to you and your predicament.
    -->BtDUN pre- and post- SprintPCS update 1.12 paired to PC and PPC.
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