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    After eleven months of waiting (and lurking on this board), I have finally received my GSM 650. So far, so good. no resets and no trouble, although the P key is a good deal softer than the others.

    I searched around the forum, but I could not find a definitive answer as to whether it is possible to download .prc files over GPRS directly to an SD card and then install them. The Treo is completely stock from Cingular Orange.

    Thanks for any help in advance!
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    Just email to your phone. Get a bluetooth adapter and do it that way.

    Have you got your email setup on your phone to recieve your pop3 account?
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    Yes you can download .prc's to your card. Once on your card you can transfer them to your phone using Palm Insider Pro, Zlaunchers file manager or some other file managing app.
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    I have frequently downloaded prc files directly from websites without putting them on the card. I used to update Chatter this way all the time. It doesn't work on every website that has prc files posted, though, so I think some type of filetype flag needs to be set in the html code. I could be wrong about this, but that's my recollection of why it doesn't always work.
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    On my Sprint 650, I can download .prc files directly to the Treo without going to the card first. I get a screen that asks if I want to accept the file into "applications." Tap yes, and it shows up in the Launcher immediately. I think it should work the same way on GSM, but obviously haven't tried it.
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    I downloaded the lated Datebk5 app last night. It is zipped so I used Handzipper lite (freeware) to unzip. It highlights the PRC files and you pick which ones you want to install. Indeed a page comes up asking if you want to install to applications or to the card. Worked like a charm!
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    Hi people! I'm new at this board as well as to the Treo 650. Can someone tell me how to download files directly to an SD card. My Treo memory is almost full already. P.S. I downloaded Zlaunch but it seems very complicated w/o readme files. Thanks for all your help!

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