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    Chatteremail should serve as a model for all Treo application developers.

    Chatteremail -
    1. Addresses a defined need (true "push")
    2. Is Treo-specific
    3. The develpoer is responsive to the end-user
    4. Is stable

    As a bonus, Chatteremail clearly DEMONSTRATES why IMAP is better suited for the Treo than POP.

    I rarely get excited about software - but I am about Chatteremail.

    Thanks, and keep up the good work, Marc.
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    I have to second that which Tazzo says above. I've tried volumes of apps on my 650 and still use many of them, but Chatteremail is the best for all the above reasons.

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    Well, then, I'll third it.
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    I downloaded the trial version, but didn't see anything about push technology. What am I missing?

    Overall, looks like a winner to me.
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    When properly set up with an IMAP service that supports push/idle technology, messages set to the IMAP provider are immediately pushed out to the Treo. This is done in the background and does not normally interfere with other applications. That's what is missing from the others. Chatter and Snappermail are the top two and Chatter is rapidly rising to the top. Ben

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