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    I am very interested in getting GPS for my Treo 650. Should I use wired GPS or Bluetooth GPS ? Any help?
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    I have used both. Each have their benefits and drawbacks. I think a lot depends on what you are using the gps for. For example, walking around a foreign city, using the Treo with a wired gps would be cumbersome at best. In this situation, a bluetooth gps would be cool because you could velcro it discretly to your backpack and just look at the Treo! You'd have an instant reading of where you were and which way to walk to get where you are going. For use in a car, on long journeys, the wired solution tends to be more practical since the Treo needs to be mounted in a visible spot and the gps needs a clear view of the sky. I guess the decision should be based on your primary usage intent. That said, Garmin is ciming out with a bluetooth gps that works with their Mappsource line of maps. convenvient if you already have an older GPS and some Mapsource maps!
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