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    After the verbal lashing and requests from this thread:

    I came back to my hotel room with a fully charged 650 Unlocked. I have taken some pics - just the basics. The other phone in the pics is my engineering prototype of the Motorola MPx. It was a great phone idea... but became a REALLY expensive paperweight.

    I have a grainy picture showing Bluetooth DUN is Enabled on my unlocked phone. So far I have only installed Uninstall Manager. I had a problem because my old Treo 600 settings were still on my computer and installed all my old apps from my 600. I had to hard reset my phone and go through the registry and delete all references to Handspring (it was still that company when I bought the 600) and Palm references and reinstalled the HotSync manager. Then I was able to sync without problems.

    I then had a an issue of soft resets after every hot sync. I did a search on this forum and found areally strange thing that worked for me. I opened up Word to Go, created a new blank document, closed the document and selected delete document when asked. This solved my problem. STRANGE!

    Next on my list of apps:
    Backup utility

    After I have installed Filez... which will probably be sometime late tomorrow (I am tired!), I will grab the files on the unlocked GSM for Shadowmite to play with.

    Here is the link to the Yahoo photo album:
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    Outstanding. It's good to see pictures of the fabled Unlocked Treo650 in the wild.

    All this time, I thought it was a creature of fantasy made up by the folks at PalmOne to drive us crazy.

    Hope things start to go a little smoother as you break in the new gadget!
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    moppet52, when did you place your order?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ekerbuddy
    moppet52, when did you place your order?
    I placed my order the day PalmOne announced that they were going to sell the Unlocked 650... DOH! But it looks like getting it from Mobilefly, while costing me an arm and a leg more... let me be one of the first to have it in my hands. No real regrets.

    I will check this thread tomorrow morning... must sleep and decide what launcher and different apps to install... love this thing!
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    I think we'd all like to know if Bluetooth DUN actually works.
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    Why shouldn't it? Shadows patch worked on my ATT GSM 650 (although I later removed it cause it was a bit flakey) why shouldn't the "real thing" ?
    Quote Originally Posted by convbcuda
    I think we'd all like to know if Bluetooth DUN actually works.
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    Thanks for sharing. I was one of the "lashers", but only in good fun.

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    Check out the pics.

    Quote Originally Posted by convbcuda
    I think we'd all like to know if Bluetooth DUN actually works.
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    Quote Originally Posted by convbcuda
    I think we'd all like to know if Bluetooth DUN actually works.
    what i think he means is, "how stable is the btdun on the unlocked 650?"
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    Holy crap, how and where did you get that MPx?
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    I cant believe the size of the mpx, its huge!
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    Quote Originally Posted by soulreaver99
    Holy crap, how and where did you get that MPx?
    There were some engineering prototypes for sale back in October or November, which this one obviously is as moppet52 indicates. According to the folks over at hofo there is no ROM upgrade path for the prototypes so they have become expensive paperweights indeed unless you like them exactly as they are, and they were really expensive if you wanted one.
    Oh, so they have internet on computers now!
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    Did you order in the US?
    If so did it come with the international plugs?
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    Engineering prototypes of the MPX are available out there if you look hard enough (howardforums). I bought one for $1500 a ways back because at the time it seemed like the perfect smart phone. Bluetooth, pocket PC os, wifi, keyboard, dual hinge design. It too became a paperweight very quickly mainly because of the fact that it's memory is crippled as a prototype model. It also failed to pair with my Acura TL, and for some reason it would not work with my tmobile sim card. I turned around and sold it on ebay for what I paid for it. I believe the mpx certainly has some promise, but my faith in motorola products is quickly waning. Recently i've owned the V600, the mpx prototype, and the mpx 220 (a total lemon). I'm really looking forward to recieving my unlocked treo 650!
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    Quote Originally Posted by b0tes
    what i think he means is, "how stable is the btdun on the unlocked 650?"
    Yep, that's what I meant. I know it's enabled, but how well does it work?
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    Yes, I bought one of the engineering prototypes through a member of HOFO. Thought my search for the perfect smartphone had ended. As is mentioned in the threads below... 32MB RAM (for a PPC... just plain insange)... NO battery life (and if you remove the battery... Hard Reset). The production versions are identical except for a new motherboard which supposedly only helps the battery life by a little bit.

    It's actually not that big. Folded it is thinner and shorter than the 650. Believe me... when this thing worked... it worked beautifully. And always a conversation starter. Super slick looking... but unfortunately for Motorola... that's all.
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    No offense taken... I took it in good fun. I was just as excited to play with the phone yesterday, but was stuck at work...
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    So what color eGrips would I buy for the unlocked model? Is the back silver like the front
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    Quote Originally Posted by moppet52
    Here is the link to the Yahoo photo album:
    Man, I'm jealous...and, very happy to actually see it exists outside of palmOne's warehouse! Here's to the rest of us getting our unlocked versions this week!
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    The back is the same color as the area around the keyboard. Dark grey-ish to my eyes.
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