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    hi all... for a couple different reasons, mostly hinging on the fact that i work at many different computers throughout my day, i am wanting to ditch hotsyncing altogether.

    i am fairly sure i read about some programs that would backup your Treo to a SD card, i'm assuming this is a true and comprehensive backup... is this a viable alternative to hotsync? and if so, can anyone please point me at the proper application..? tia..!
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    Try Blue Nomad's Backup VFS. It does a comprehensive backup but I think if you want to do a backup for the purpose of upgrading to a newer palm version (Treo 700?) it's better to do a desktop backup. But backup to SD card for purpose of recovery from a crash is good.
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    If you have one desktop that you're more likely to be at on any given day, I would make that your hotsync PC and not bother with the others. Maybe a home PC that you'd sync with upond returning home or something like that.

    It's a simple solution to backing up your data. Especially, if your concern isn't consolidation and syncing of many different locations. There's no "rule" that you have to sync with every computer you come in contact with.
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    thx to you both for the replies, but my main computer at home does not run a conventional operating system, and i do not think that there are any ports of Palm Desktop for the IRIX OS. while i also use apple powerbooks very often, the machine is not 'technically' my own, and others make use of it... the privacy concerns really leave me wanting to just do direct backups to a SD card instead, i have no need of syncing contacts or calender data to another machine regardless...
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    Well that certainly does make sense. I don't have my 650 yet so don't have any better input. I will certainly be interested in whatever solution you end up finding. Be sure to let us know if you find anything we can't come up with.
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    BackupbuddyVFS Pro
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    I agree. Backup Buddy works great. Turn off the native backup feature in the hot sync app.
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    The only thing I would add is that if you aren't doing hotsync, I would be sure to have two SD cards and rotate them regularly, so that if you lose the phone (and the SD card in it), you don't lose all your data.

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