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    Here's another dumb question from moi...How do I add new ringtones to my 650. Did a search here and came up with nothing. Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thanks !
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    Well .... you can send a WAV file via BT (or possibly syn or email, never tried) to your phone and it will automatically become a ringer (and quickly fill up memory). There are also utils out there that allow you to use a MP3 files.
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    I downloaded some great ZZ Top tunes from
    Anyway I found a link with install instructions. It was down for a while so I could not find the page.

    Thanks a ton.
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    Would you care to post that link for the edification of others?
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    I used to go to for mid files, but not I prefer mp3's as ringtones and use the mring program. It is amazing.
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    Go to Click on ringtones and you will see all the options available.

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