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    hi friends! ok, i think i may have installed too many different applications on my beloved Cingular 650, because today it has reset itself a few times out of the blue, not even when i was using it... just sitting next to me on my desk, and boom, soft reset.

    i want to do a true hard reset on the device, but am having trouble... i found the instructions over at PalmOne (found at this link), but it doesn't seem to be working. here is what i am doing:

    i hold down the power button, and see the initial Treo logo as the progress bar starts moving from left to right. at this point i press and hold the reset button under the battery cover and keep holding it. the instructions say to not let go of the power button until you see the grey Palm logo appear, but it won't appear until i let go of the power button!

    i've gotten it to the point where i get the msg 'press up to delete all data' and i do press up, the machine reboots... but, sadly, all my data is still there!

    what am i doing wrong here? do i keep the reset button pressed throughout the entire process, do i let go of it at some point? any clarification would be most welcome, i *really* want to start over w/ a fresh 650!

    lastly, i did see the mention on the PalmOne support site about doing a 'Zero Out reset', and would be willing to do this procedure too, but was worried that doing this might actually wipe out the Cingular customisation w/in the phone, is this correct? or is the ROM of my Cingular-branded 650 set up for Cingular regardless? thx in advance all, i'd love to get this clean tonight..!
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    It works, I've done it a couple of times

    Hold Red Power button, Press reset on back (and why did they put it under the damn battery cover) and keep holding it until through the first screen until the second
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    You need to hold the power button, press and release the reset button, and keep the power button pressed until after the palmOne logo disappears and you see the grey Palm logo. When you let go of the power button at that point you will get the "erase data? prompt.

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