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    Anyone using either of these products to sync with Groupwise 5.5? We are looking to purchase for work setting supporting several Visors and Palms

    Which program do you use?
    What do you like/not like about the program?

    From info on the web it appears Toffa is an all or nothing process but that Intellisync allows you to select individual components like datebook only or todos only? Is that accurate?

    Toffa recommends against syncing to a work computer w/Syncwise and a home computer to the Palm Desktop -to avoid duplicate enteries. Anyone know if you can do this safely with Intellisync if you are using the custom settings?

    Any information you can provide on the use of either of these products would be greatly appreciated.
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    Intellisync will not allow you to post mail if you have a post office setup for client-server mode only.

    I've had no problems with SyncWisePro. It does allow you to choose which components get synced. BTW, I sync to several computers; but I do not sync to the GroupWise address book - so I can't help you there.

    You may want to do a search of this site (use Syncwise or syncwisepro or toffa) as I've posted a fairly detailed description of my experiences some time ago . . .

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