Dear all,

I've got a little problem with the built-in SMS app. Hope you guys can help me out a little.

Like everyone else (with a Treo), whenever I receive an SMS, the SMS app will pop up a little window, showing who and what the person just messaged me. There'll also be the Ok, Snooze, Go To buttons.

In the first month of my Treo, it was alright.

However, recently, whenever I pressed the button "Go To", a white screen will appear and my Treo will just hang there. I will have to reset my Treo to get it back to normal.

Because of that, I am having several resets per day.

Anyone knows what's the cause of the problem? is it due to some software conflict or file corruption. I have already hard restted my Treo, reinstalled everything and yet this problem still persists.

Thank you and god bless.

PS:Is the radio suppose to turn on by itself after resets (built-in?)? It is doing this occasionally. I don't have PowerUp installed in my Treo.