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    I just purchased a T650 and want to move my apps over to my new phone and remove them from the old phone. Is this possible? Or do I need to purchase another license?
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    me too
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    No new license, but if the HotSync id is different on the new phone, I'll need to get you a new code...

    All you really need to do is get all the files with creator ZRKa copied over onto the new Treo, plus (of course) the prc (program) files. You'll still need to reset your "global" settings (notifications, buttons, chatter & ui prefs) unless you copy over the SavedPreferences database.


    p.s. The original Chatter "Inbox" database is ChatterInbox. "TreoSent" is ChatterSentItems, "Drafts" is ChatterDrafts, and your other Accounts/Mailboxes will be called xxxChatterDB, where "xxx" is the name of the Account/Mailbox.
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    I changed my ID so as not to conflict with the 600. opps! Will send email.
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    In my case, everything I have is on my IMAP server, so it was very easy. I kept the same hotsync id on my new phone to generally make life easier. I just re-installed CM to my new phone, setup my inbox/delivery options, did a register xxxxx console command , and everything seems to be working.

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