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    As I mentioned in another thread, I talked to my friends over at T-Mobile and they said that the Treo 650 will be out between March and April, no later than April but there is no specific date. The price will be $499 with activation and I'm sure there's gonna be some sort of mail in rebate too. I spoke to another rep and regional manager and they said the same thing about T-Mobile's release. They only know what they've been told so it's not 100% but very likely.

    So hopefully we get our unlocked before T-mobile gets theirs...
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    I'll believe it when I see it
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    i'll believe when i see it too, but am looking forward to it as my t-mobile contract runs 'til may. i'll have to see what T-Mo wants to do... I'd love to go unlocked, but can't justify $700 for myself on a phone..

    keep posting any news about T-Mo. thx
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    T-Mobile must have caved when word came out that they were passing on the 650 because of no wi-fi. I went with the unlocked (before the increase of course) for that reason. I highly doubt anytime before May because at CES time (January) they hadn't even STARTED to test it on their network.
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    I've talked to a few TMo reps and a couple of managers, and no one was able to give me an ETA. A friend from PalmOne said that the likeliness of TMo carrying T650 within the next 2 months is not looking good.

    Now to switch the topic a bit... those of you looking for an unlocked T650 GSM-- don't forget to check I just picked one up less than an hour ago (unbranded, unlocked for $500!) and so far, this is a whole lot better than my T600. And yes, the unlocked version works great on TMo. Will post again tomorrow, once I've played around with it more. Woohoo!
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    i wish you guys would all talk to the same people and agree on something...
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    the guy you got it from..does he have anymore..i'm very interested in getting one for that price. let me know
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    makrotonik, he's not sure if he's getting anymore. He works for AT&T (Corporate Office), and said something about how employees are given a discount on one unit. This guy already has CDMA accounts, and had no need for a GSM T650. The T650 I bought from him was intended for AT&T but unbranded (no logo) and unlocked. It's pure luck on my part. I've been obsessively checking about 6 times a day (SF Bay Area) since the GSM release and knew if I looked hard enough, I'd find one sooner or later. I just got mine a lot sooner and at a much better price. If I come across anymore, I'll be sure to pass along the info.
    "Once a new technology rolls over you, if you're not part of the steamroller, you're part of the road." - Stewart Brand
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    thanks for the reply...i currently have a cingular 650...but i prefer t-mobiles service and would hate to switch.

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