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    Backup Buddy or Backup Muodule?? Anybody
    use either of these products that could help me make an informed decision?

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    I'll go for the backup module, you can bring it everywhere and do backups anytime. I have a Backup module, and it saved my BVD a lot of times.
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    BackupBuddy is automatic: it backs up every time you sync. No need to carry a module or remember to do a backup. If you sync regularly to a desktop computer it is the way to go.

    If you travel a lot and don't always have access to a computer then the Backup Module is a better choice.

    BB also does an incremental backup, so it is fast, whereas the Backup Module does full backup / restore only.
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    I always have to put in a good word for BackUpAll as well. It's a free app that simply backs up everything on your Palm or only the items that have changed since last backup.

    It's not automatic, but it's free and has saved my *** a few times already.
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    Let me mention one more useful alternative. BackupBitster. It's free and "semi-automatic". That is when you install new applications you have to remember to set the backup bit on, but after that it backs up with every sync.
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    I vote for the backup module. It's easy and works well. The way I look at it, is this.
    If your unit fails and you do not need an IMMEDIATE reinstall, then the failure is an irritant at best. You mumble, grumble and wait until you get home to reinstall. My bet however is that you're in meeting, at an airport, or generally away from your PC. You're busy using your Visor (as you are now mobile) and CRASH. You would give anything to set back the clock and not do what you just did. That app you were showing someone, that address your were ready to sync to your colleague is suddenly a 'no-can-do'. Worse yet, if anyones around, they thing "Oh, so that's what Visors do". Having your backup module accessible is a real lifesaver. "When you absolutely, positively have to have a restore..."

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    I was wondering about this "full" backup question, so I started poking around in the directory structure on my PC.

    In .../palm/<user>/Backup I found a back of all my programs and databases. I assume (no testing yet) that this is where a restore would come from. And then I noticed two things:

    1. Not everything was there.
    2. Some things I had tried and deleted long ago were still there.

    So I d/l BackupAll and that seems to fix #1. Then I decided to rename the Backup directory to Backup.old, create a new and empty Backup directory, set BackupAll to FORCE and do a hotsync and wait.

    Bingo. Everything I need backed up, nothing old.

    So, now whenever I feel paranoid, I move the backup dir to "Backup.<date>" and BackupAll. Nice fresh backups of everything I need to get back to functional from a hard reset.

    Only, I'm too chicken to hard reset and try it! I've only had to hard reset once in 6 months, and that restore did not go well.

    Anyone know more about the "restore" process?
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    Originally posted by dennisl:
    Let me mention one more useful alternative. BackupBitster. It's free and...
    Actually, Backup Bitster is a $15 shareware program.

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    I use both (Backup Buddy and the Backup Module). Current circumstances (or Murphy's Law) has me away from the desktop often these days so sync'ing (and backing up) on a regular basis...isn't so regular.

    When I'm at the desktop, Backup Buddy saves the stuff out and I let my PC's backup routine take care of the rest (Second Copy, Orb and/or CD-R).

    However, on the road, where I've managed to get along without having to lug a notebook around just to read E-mail, I rely on the Backup Module to back up my Visor-- sometimes a couple of times a day if the stuff I'm entering is important enough.

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    Anyone know more about the "restore" process?

    If HotSync detects a handheld with no UserName it does a restore (No need to set "Desktop overwrites handheld". It does that automatically). The restore process should simply restore the databases for the 4 main apps, plus everything else from your c:\palm\<username>\backup directory.

    For some reason, apps you delete from the Palm or Visor are not always deleted from the backup directory, and therefore will be restored after a hard reset. If there are apps or databases in the Backup directory that you would not want restored after a hard reset, either delete them or move them to another directory.

    BackupBuddy eliminates that problem by creating an Archived_Files directory and moving deleted applications there.

    Also for those that use the Backup Springboard, it's not a god idea to keep it in the Springboard slot or otherwise with the Visor. If the Visor is lost / stolen / destroyed etc. so is your backup.

    I use BB and think it is the best backup tool, but also plan on getting the Backup module when funds permit, for those long trips away from a PC.
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    If you can afford it, get both. BackupBuddy was fine for me until I had a kind-of waking dream (nightmare?):

    {I'm on vacation in another state. I drop my Visor, and it's totally busted. I walk into the nearest store selling Visors. I purchase one, pop in my backup module, restore, and I'm good to go!}

    Of course, in this dream, I can easily find a retail store selling Visors, and I can afford to just buy another one. No problem…

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