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    Plenty of comments in this forum on range, static, volume and comfort of the various BT headsets, such as Scala, Moto's, Sony's, AX, Logitech, Plantronics, and what-have-you-not.

    I am now using an AX, and am reasonable happy with it. One thing that could improve my experience is a faster connect between the headset and the T650.

    - When I receive a call, it takes probably 4 rings or so before the AX starts ringing.
    - When I receive a call and answer on the phone, it will be 2-3 seconds before the AX takes over.
    - When I receive a call I have to wait 2-3 seconds before I can answer from the headset.
    - When I place a call it takes 2-3 seconds before the AX kicks in and takes over. E.g. when dialing voicemail, I miss the first sentence telling me how many new messages I have.

    What about your experiences? The Sony HBH-660 is reportedly fast, what about non-LCD units in the HBH series?
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    My headset connects whenever it damn well pleases... if at all. It connects instantly if I pick an incomming call up from the headset. It connects after about 5 seconds if I want to pick up a call that is already on the phone... or it never works.
    :edit: the headset is a hbh-300
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    I have an HBH-660 on order, so I will be able to compare the AX and the 660 and post here...we'll see...
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    I have the HBH-660, and I can't imagine you could connect any faster than what this does. Eventually all headset makers will figure that out, and we'll have one less thing to worry about.
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    For me, basically never unless I force it to. Once it is "connected" it will always pick up the call in around 2 rings.

    I have a Scala-500 BT headset that has been paired. It's set as a trusted device in the 650. BT is set as discoverable on the 650.

    Problem is, when I turn the headset off for a period of time (and the 650 "loses" it) then turn it back on it is no longer is recognized by the 650. I have to go into the 650's BT setting and connect again. This happens every time. I don't have to pair it again, I just have to go in to the BT utility and "connect" the Treo with the headset.

    Once it's paired and set as trusted shouldn't the headset become ready to use shortly after it is turned on? Always worked that way with my Nokia 6620 (it wasn't the same headset).

    Is this a Scala issue or a Treo bug? It's a definite pain in the arse.
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    I have a BT250 Jabra and I notice that when placing a call, with a paired headset, I actually have to hit the power button on the headset to have the outgoing call routed to the Jabra! Why??? Is there no way within the Treo to have it automatically send ALL (inbound/outbound) calls to the headset?

    In other words, once I've hit send, the call will remain on the handset until I actually tap the headset button... weird... Thoughts?

    Lee Ladisky
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    Leeladisky--are you using the PalmOne branded Jabra BT250, or a 'generic' one? I have the one that came with my T650 and when I make an outgoing call the paired headset (when in range) takes the call by itself. I have to hit the screen button on the T650 to switch back to the handset. Same thing with incoming calls. I understand that there are subtle differences between the 2 headsets. FWIW, mine works as advertised.

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