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    I downloaded Datebk4 a few days ago and I am very impressed with its features & use. Now the problems.

    The system does seem to be a bit slower with it, and I have experienced several crashes (some memory overflow, I think - although I have 5800k free memory, and some others I didn't note).

    Also, when I do a search, the datebk4 search result will find the item but will not transfer me there.

    Further, if I want to add a ToDo, I need to pull up a view that limits the number of ToDo items selected or the new ToDo line item will not appear.


    * I've been using DB4 with my Visor with a Stowawy keyboard, although disabling the keyboard has no impact.

    * I installed Hackmaster, but no other Hacks.

    * I deleted one of the installs at the beginning when prompted to do so (not sure now what it was)- I currently have Datebk4, dbScan and DatebkStub present

    Anyone with any ideas? Thank you.

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    i dont have any ideas but where did you download it from and how much does it cost?
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    I've been using DateBK4 for a couple of weeks now without problems. (Not to say I didn't have any at first). Here is the home page for pimlico (Datebk developer):
    Lot of good info plus a page with know bugs and improvements planned for a maintenance release due out at the end of May (or thereabouts). Also a link to an eGroup I've subscribed to -- lot of good discussion.


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