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    Has anyone ever had calendar entries on their Treo 600 simply disappear? When looking for an old daily journal that I entered on July 19 of 2004, I not only noticed that it was gone, but so was nearly every other calendar entry prior to July 25: appointments, journal entries, etc.

    I checked my Outlook calendar and the entries have disappeared from Outlook as well.

    Any idea what happened? Please tell me Palm does not simply delete entries after a certain period of time. Thanks.
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    Did you archive your old entries in Outlook?
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    When Outlook prompts me to archive, I usually do so. Here's ignorance on my part: I assumed it was only archiving mail. If I click "Archive now" when prompted to archive, will it also archive my calendar and journal entries? If so, how do I retrieve them? Thank you!
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    Found the files that "disappeared" in my archived items! Whew! Thanks for the suggestion!

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