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    I purchased a refurbished treo 300 from

    Im president of a Homeowners association and figured the pda would help keeep me organised. with phone numbers email and such.

    sprint is my service provider was this a good purchase thr treo 600 and 650 were just to dang expensaive.
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    COngrats on you new Treo purchase! I'm sure you will enjoy it. I still have fond memories of my old 300 back in the day. It was a great pda phone. But be careful of the lid as it is known to be fragile and liable to break if you're not careful...

    P.S. Lockline insurance is currently replacing Treo 300's with the 600. Not trying to influence fraud here or anything, but it may be advisable to get this since the 300's flip is so fragile...
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    Agreed, I have a T300 as well I got about 2 months ago, Sprint is replacing it today with a T600 because of the lid, I can't wait, anyway the T300 is a good device, and it has done mostly everything I needed it to do, mainly, get me ORGANIZED!

    Good luck, and have fun
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    will lock line replace aT300? They're all > 12mo old. Can you buy insurance when you activate a phone? Even if the phone is used off ebay? I'm getting a T600 this week from ebay to replace my T300 but the LCD is cracked. The seller hasn't returned my email request about the warrenty date on the phone, I'm hopping < 12mo. Figure chances are good b/c T600 came out last quater of '03, right?
    Thanks alot.
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    My T600 warranty has been out for 4 months but still going strong. Knock on wood.
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