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    Anybody ever seen this before using the "File Mover"? I just loaded the Noah dictionary with the full database (122,000 or so definitions). Then I moved it over to the flash module, and I guess it couldn't find enough contiguous space, so it compacted the module. I thought that was pretty cool. I know there have been discussions here before about whether or not there is any kind of "defrag" for the memory module. I guess it just takes care of it if it needs to.

    BTW, the Noah dictionary is very cool, and I doubt that I'll ever need a paper dictionary again. It runs from flash just fine, and it's free (GPL)!
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    Yep, I've seen it also. I had just about filled up the module when it happened a few weeks ago. It kind of freaked me out at first - for a few seconds, I thought it was formatting itself. <whew!>

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