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    I would absolutley love to be able to turn my T650 into a digital voice recorder. That would be tops! I was just about to purchase a 512MB expansion card but if this type of software is readily available, I will go with a 1G. Does anyone know of such, that is voice recording software for the T650?
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    There are several voice recorder apps. Soundrec is one and it is free. Do a search here and you will find several options and reviews.

    One caveat: Before you purchase a card, make sure it is a "fast" write card so the voice recorder can record directly to the car.
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    Thanks Heberman. What speed would "fast" be? I was just about to purchase the ATP 60X 512MB. Would that suffice? Of course now I'm looking at the 1G, since there is voice recording software, but I think ATP is a reliable brand of top quality according to my research over the past two days.

    Did a little research after posting here...

    Anyone tried Audio Recorder Pro version 2.3?

    Anyone tried Audacity? I think this software allows you to use that free button on the side to start and stop recordings if you so choose.

    I just want something that will allow me to labe my files, record to my expansion card and hotsynch to my PC. Although I wonder if any of these programs provide their own desktop for storing these files or does it synch with Windows Media or RealPlayer, etc?
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    i have been using audacity for a week or so and it works great for recording voice notes, etc. great piece of software.....
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    Do you have the Professional addition or the Personal addition of Audacity?
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    I too would like to know about voice recording.

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