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    One key thing that I will need whatever pda/phone I decide to get to do is be able to be on a website (, use the calculator, and type an e-mail message. I would like to be able to do all these things simultaneously. Ie. check Techdata and bring up all my costs for a few products on 1 page, use the calculator to do a markup, and type that info into an e-mail to send to a customer.

    I've heard bad things about the Palm OS multitasking so is this possible? I don't need everything on the same screen but I'll need to be able to switch back to the webpage without having to go back and reload the page and search for the items again. Is this only possible on Windows Mobile OS?
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    If you leave Blazer, go into some other programs then come back, it will do a quick "redraw" of whatever site you were on last -- not a complete reload.

    With Versamail at least (the only i've used), it looks like switching out of a started email, then to web, calculator, back to email, it retains whatever message you were working on...

    So yeah, you should be able to do this.

    I'm still somewhat of a Palm noob, so maybe others will speak up.. I dont know why some programs seem to lose data and "reset" while others will stay in the state you left them in when switching in between.
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    Why do I keep hearing Palm is bad at multitasking then? What are people trying to play a game, while surfing the net, running a GPS program and talking on the phone.... lol
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    Yes. That's exactly what people are trying to do.
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    The Palm OS doesn't really do multi tasking, but most Palm apps fake it very well. When you leave Blazer to use the calculator, Blazer is removed from memory. It's no longer running. But the last page you viewed is in the cache, so when you switch back to it Blazer reloads it from the cache, and maintains a history list, so it knows where you came from.

    Same thing with email. Versamail doesn't stay in RAM when you switch back to Blazer, but it's database remembers what message you had open. So when you switch back, it's restored to the same state you left it.

    For most uses, this is good enough. What you can't do, though, that real multi-tasking allows, is start downloading a bunch of email messages, or a large web page or file, then switch to another app, and keep downloading in the background.
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    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $the$ $current$ Palm OS does not multitask.

    Cobalt, the upcoming version of Palm OS, will have multitasking. If I recall correctly this is basically due to Palm's purchase of Be, Inc. a while back. Palm borrowed a lot of OS code from BeOS. Damn shame they never open sourced what was left of BeOS. It was a fine system. If Cobalt is borrowing the best from BeOS, then the next generation of Palm PDAs should be quite a joy to work with.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sumorai
    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $the$ $current$ Palm OS does not multitask.
    Correct, but he should be able to do what he's describing...
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    great, thanks for the responses. Looks like I'll be getting the Treo650. I was also considering the Siemens SX66 and HP h6315 but I've heard of alot of problems from both but not as many as the Treo, plus the Treo seems to have a better "community" to help deal with the issues.

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