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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowmite
    Thanks so much guys for the kind words and ideas!
    Any donations are welcome, but as always are completely voluntary and not required. I do this because I enjoy it
    What a class act- not too many likke you left! I'm already getting an unlocked 650 from palm1, but i'd gladly buy you a beer!
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    I've sent some money too. I have not purchased a 650 yet, and would like to see a GSM unlock and a way to have network selection when using a Cingular SIM card.

    Go Shadowmite.
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    Look people I am not affilated with shadowmite in any way. I was just want to get that out of the way right now!

    Also I know that shadowmite is not/has not been begging for money. Nor is that the point!

    I also know people have offered to "Loan" him a phone for a short time to get some things figured out.

    And while that is all well and good here are the "facts".

    1. Shadowmite has done a *LOT* of work for us for mostly free (ok, so there were *SOME* who donated for the original Sprint 650 hacks). He deserves a little bit of your money for his trouble if you use what he has done for you.

    2. I do not now, nor will I ever probably have a GSM phone of any type. I am a Sprint user, and a happy one at that. So is shadowmite for all I know since that is what he bought and purchased with his hard earned money.

    3. Since shadowmite already has bought and paid for a Sprint Treo 650 it's not likely that just to "help you guys out" he would drop yet another for a GSM 650 which would be of very little practical use to him.

    4. Any developer will tell you that the Treo 650 PC development tools and simulators are all well and good, but are not the actual phone and some things just work differently on the real deal.

    5. To accelerate GSM Treo 650 development shadowmite really needs his own GSM Treo 650 phone.

    Now with all this in mind and considering the fact that it's not likely shadowmite will go out and buy one using his own money we should help him out and send him a few buck towards the purchase.

    How many of you cheapskates just bought a $600-$700 phone and are now waffling on sending shadowmite a few bucks for a donation so that he can make your phone better in the future?

    Come on people! How many of us can't afford to send $5, $10, $15, $20, $25, heck even $50 for most of us is no real big deal. Admit it! It's true! And imagine what the benefits later on will be!

    Just think! Cool new GSM build your own rom tools, unlocked firmware, custom splash screens, unlocked favorites patch, and more!

    Yes it is true it will happen with or without your help. But it won't happen nearly as quick, and wouldn't you just feel better knowing you helped to make it happen?

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    uhh... didn't shadowmite just say he's just waiting for the gsm version that someone's sending him? I agree with the sentiment that he should get all the help he can get (even though I've no plans of getting the t650) but he did say give him a little time
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    Quote Originally Posted by sbrixey
    Just think! Cool new GSM build your own rom tools, unlocked firmware, custom splash screens, unlocked favorites patch, and more!
    No pressure there, Shadowmite Just remember folks, this is a hobby for him and there's no guarantee he'll ever develop a specific patch or enhancement--or that it'll be stable--or that you might not even disable or damage your phone somehow using it. Yes, he's a great asset to the community, but let's keep expectations realistic.

    Note: I don't have a 650 yet so I'm not directly involved in any of this.

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    Ok, ok, I thought I was helping... I guess according to those willing to post I am not.

    I'm sorry, I will say no more about it.

    And shadowmite I am sorry if I caused you any grief over this as well.

    I was just tired of the "shadowmite can you do this for me for free, please" threads.

    Peace, I'm out.

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