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    I don't have time to read thru all of these pages right now. What I read in the first few pages, however, might explain a whole boatload of problems I've had with Datebook on this 650 that I just bought yesterday (thnx Jeff).
    I've had Visors and Treos for years with no problems (compared to this).

    I had my first crash loop about 24 hours after getting this thing! Unfortunately, I had spent about 18 of those 24 hours loading, re-customizing shortcuts, buttons, and speed dials just the way I've been used to them for years on my other Palm devices... Needless to say, when I lost most of this work, as a result of the hard reset the PalmOne tech walked me through, I was ticked off. I was even more pissed when it happened twice more in the last couple of hours. I was just about to return this (and the other 650 I bought for my son) tomorrow morning and go buy a brand-new 600 that I found in a store yesterday for 150 bucks.

    As a last resort, and on a hunch, I did a google search on "continuous reset loop treo 650" and found this thread. I am going to try this idea. I unchecked the "Enable Local Network Time" over an hour ago and haven't had another death loop yet. I'm crossing my fingers and toes.

    I can't even imagine how much money Jeff and others in this thread have saved PalmOne on returns. I'm sure it would be a staggering amount.

    The local Verizon network clock must have been set to default Greenwich time and never changed. I've got appts and days screwed up now in my datebook history that go back years. They are consistently off by 7 hours and in countless cases that shifted them by a whole calendar day. I can't afford screwups like this.

    In addition to this problem and temporary fix, are there any other issues that you experienced 650 users can warn me about? I'd really like to make these things become a good, stable replacement for my 600, but if there are any more surprises like this I'd go back to old Treo in a heartbeat.

    Thanks in advance...
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    Welcome to the Treo 650! I have a Sprint 650 and this bug was fixed in a firmware upgrade months ago. I am not familiar with Verizon but your best bet is to read through these forums, and especially the "stickies". These are posted (as you probably know) with critical information on bug fixes, common issues, etc.
    Unfortunately, it sounds like you hit on the one BIG bug that plagued the Treo 650. I am so sorry. Check your version of firmware and see if the recent Verizon upgrade should be loaded on your Treo.
    Good luck!
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    If you were loading old software onto the Treo 650, that's likely what your problem is, not "enable time update". Time update was causing some problems, but not reset loops.

    Unfortunately some old (poorly written) software bomb the Treo when they're enumerated, and on reset every program in ram is enumerated to see if it needs an event or to do some work. So you get into reset loops.

    Holding the 5-way controller up and holding it, then pressing the reset button on the back will boot up without loading any programs. You can then delete the offending program(s) and continue without any hard resets. NOTE: Don't think just because it's rebooting on its own, you can warm reset by holding the 5-way. Push the button.
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    Llnyx- Thank you for the suggestion. I downloaded the Verizon update yesterday morning. It upgraded my Treo version from version 1.0.3 to 1.0.4. (Since I bought it brand-new and it was already out of date it must have been in Verizon's inventory for a while).
    Even though I've installed this updater I don't want to chance going into death loops again by enabling the network time update. When I was on the phone with the Verizon level 3 tech support last night trying to configure wireless sync, I told him about this forum and the suggestion of disabling the network time. He was appreciative and said he would pass that along to customers for when everything else fails.

    Khaytsus-Thanks for the instruction on how to boot up without loading programs. I'll keep that in my back pocket if I ever have a chance to use it. It wouldn't have worked in these reset loops. There is no pause between resets nor does the unit give any opportunity to press any button. It becomes completely possessed and responds to nothing save it be a total wipeout. The limited, but essential, software installations ae working fine now that the time can't be messed with. If it isn't due to the network thing, it is a HUGE coincidence.

    Which reminds me....if this ever happens again (and I'm sure it will) anybody have a good software backup prgm suggestion for saving all 90 of my dialpad/speeddial favorites so that I don't lose them all again? For some reason, Palm designers didn't think they were important enough to automatically back up in a normal hotsync....Duh.
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    I use Backup Buddy PRO. It saves almost everything, including Blazer bookmarks, and speeddial favorites.
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    Great. Thanks, Dragonman.
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