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    Say, does anyone know of a very simple listmaker that makes *only* To Do items? I know of Listmaker and found it a lot more cumbersome than I had hoped. It boasts integration with the To Do, but all it does is simply export all the list items into separate To Do text. Plus, it's a bulky database app.

    I'm looking for something that works more inside To Do and makes small lists of data that might be interrelated (sortable) and that I could check off when completed.

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    in a word: todo.

    this lovely built in app is easy to use, and seems to do what you're looking for. to categorize just add categories in the drop down menu on the upper right corner.

    amazingly (or not) the built in apps for the palm os are pretty kick *** at getting the job done. just learn how to use them to their full extent.

    if you must make things more complicated, look at handyshopper - free. it's customizable and doesn't have to be about shopping lists, though it's good for that too.

    hope it helps.

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    Arranger not only allows you to organize any built in database entries in an outline, but also allows you to create an outline of items with checkboxes. It is such an exceptionally cool application that I registered it.
    If you want a repeatable checklist, check out handyshopper, also an excellent app!

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    Although Outlook is huge and cumbersome, you can create categories inside the tasks folder and sort your to do's this way. These will be replicated on a hotsync.
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    I use ShopList (a freebie) for repetetive to-do's like reports I do each month. You can set up categories so my sales report checklist isn't mixed up with the groceries.

    I've heard that Handyshopper does some cool stuff but I've also heard it can crash your Visor.

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