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    How do I stop the Hotsync process that will use my computer to sync the VersaMail program during hotsync.

    I just want to look for new mail manually when I choose to via the phone directly. (never during hotsync, never with my pc)

    I dont remember what I setup originally (and most likely went with defaults). This is cumbersome and unnecessary since I can just grab email from my pop accounts with Sprint Vision...

    I couldnt find a way to turn off this sync from any menu....

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    In the HotSync\Custom menu (from the system tray) click on VersaMail then click change. On that screen set it to do nothing and check the set as default button.

    This will stop all accounts from syncrhonizing during the HotSync. From what I can see, it still does 'something' but doesn't sync the accounts.

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