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    Hey All. I just missed an appointment because the repeated events on my Treo 650 were deleted by Entourage 2004 after a sync. I've just run some tests and found that any changes made to an event already synced to Entourage get deleted (not just unsynced in Entourage, but the changes DELETED FROM THE TREO!!! and the event returned to it's original state).

    Is anyone having the same issue... or better yet, figured out a solution? FYI: I'm using Missing Sync and had only the Entourage conduit running during my tests (so no conduit conflicts).

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    OK then... if no one is having the same symptoms, are there any that are completly healthy under the same configuration? (Treo 650/Entourage 2004/OS 10.3)

    Any help would be great... Thanks.
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    I am having similar problems also. Not sure why, and I haven't gotten any good answers from Missing Sync. It seems that the Entourage conduit doesn't play very nice with the newer handhelds. I think we just have to hold our breath and wait for a better conduit to be released.

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