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    First off, thanks for writing the app Marc. It is a really great idea...

    I've been using the past few days in demo mode on my Treo 600. Running the latest version of Chatter Ver: 1.0[61:16], Feb 7 2005@11:03:54

    When I was looking at my calendar using Agendus Standard v.8.0.1 build 428 using the monthly view, as soon as I touch the stylus on a calendar grid, the Treo will reset.

    Is this a known problem?

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    Renart, I've also used agendus in the recent past, and unfortunately agendus can sometimes be very unstable. It's unlikely that your problem has anything to do with Chatter e-mail.
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    renart - I haven't heard anything specific about Agendus and Chatter. Sorry!

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    Thanks for your help pauljmail and Marc.

    I upgraded to the latest version of Agendus and all is well now. It may be a problem specific to a conflict with that rev of Agendus? I dunno. All is well now though.

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    Great - thanks for letting us know!


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