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    Ok, please forgive the redundancy of this post but there is so much contradictory information out there I just wanted to get a couple of things straight.

    1. Will MediaWorks work with a T650
    2. How much does it cost (new subscriber vs. existing)
    3. If Cingular knows that you are using a T650 will they still set you up with MediaWorks?
    4. Is it always unlimited data regardless of if you are using DUN?
    5. Is it geographically specific; is it a nationwide package?

    Again, I apologize for being redundant but in some threads people say one thing in other threads other people say something different.

    Please do not answer this if you are not proof positive in your answer. I am starting to become a little annoyed with rumor mongers.

    Thank you,
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    Availability: I was in a Cingular store today, and the customer service rep told me that as of today the official line is that Cingular will not provide MediaWorks with the Treo 650. However, he said if I were to come back in two days' time, they would: the policy is about to change. (Implicitly, MEdia Works will work with the T650.)

    Pricing: I didn't ask about pricing for new/existing subscribers, but the literature seemed to indicate $19.99 per month for the unlimited version of MediaWorks. See for more info. I did ask whether Cingular could offer any sweeteners to entice someone with an unlocked phone to sign a contract, and he said unfortunately not: apparently there isn't much latitude.

    DUN: The Cingular version of the Treo 650 has DUN disabled. It's not clear (other than rampant use of the system) how they would tell that you were using DUN.

    Also, [though not related to your question] the CSR told me that since the merger Cingular has adopted AT&T's policy and will no longer unlock phones. if you want an unlocked Treo 650 you can either buy it from PalmOne or get a third party hack (for a subsidized Cingular phone) once those are available.
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    As of Feb. 11th, 2005, all of the data plans are going to change, and Feb 13th the Voice plans change
    If you want Media Works with unlimited data, try to get it before Feb 11th.
    The new Media Works ($20/mont) will be: 3MB data, 1000 SMS, Unlimited SMS.
    As you know the current Media Works ($20/month) is: Unlimited Data, 1500 SMS, 200 MMS
    There will be a new $25/month "Media Net" unlimited data plan. Media Net is available any handset and PDA device (not available on RIM or Data Card)

    I don't know about DUN, but I know when using PDANet it's still using plain old data. I'd like to know how Cingular "sees" DUN as well.
    Geographically, the data plan is nation wide. Well I should specify that I have a nation wide voice plan and I can assure you the data is also nation wide in my case. I don't know for sure what the case is when you have a regional voice plan.

    See this thread on Howard Forums for more info on the new data plans.
    Also see this thread here on Treo Central for some discussion on this.

    Here are the PDFs of the new brochures:
    Regional (Western)
    North America
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    Great job, Taylor. Thanks

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