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    Just read an artical on a site called Treonauts wherin the author claimed that Xiino increased the speed with which he browses the web by over 50%. Has anyone else used this with any success? Is there an even faster alternative? I'm using Sprint's version of the 650, and while it's generally fast enough, something that can pump up the speed that significantly would be a "must have" for me. I get my email using Microsoft Web Access, and it's pretty slow. I haven't seen this listed on any lists of software described as a necessity.
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    Xiino is pretty fast. You can download a 30 day trial version and check it out. It takes about 500k of space so you need to take that into consideration. I use it on a T600 and it blows blazer away. It does format web pages differently and some have complained about how it handles frames. But I use it all the time on full sites like CNN and it will download the whole page in 30 seconds versus 2.5 minutes with blazer.

    Try it. I think you'll like it especially with the hi res screen.
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    Do a search for 'fastest browser' and you can read more about it and reqwireless and webpro, etc.
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    I'm tried Xiino for an hour or so - so take my experiences for what they are worth.
    Mixed feelings.

    FASTER. Definetively faster in loading images, etc.
    It was VERY good at moving back and forth between already loaded (cached) pages. Super fast.

    User Interface. Didnt like it at all. I really like Blazer where the URL is displayed and ready for entry at the top - I have also grown to like the 'home' and 'bookmark' icons there.

    Also - some pages Xiino compressed the image quality quite bad so that pixelation and halos became apparent around some edges.

    Bottom line: It was actually so much faster that I considered getting it just for the speed alone. But the cost, userinterface and reduced image qualities have stopped me so far.
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    you can get Xiino at a discounted price at FYI
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    Here are two comparison screens from the same web page.
    In my eyes the photos displayed through Xiino are more jagged and of lower quality (even though I used "Best" image quality).
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    Oh..and in case it's not obvious Blazer is on on the left and Xiino is on the right
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    I have used Xiino for about 6 months. Get it. I agree some forms and frames don't show up well. For those rare occassions, use Blazer. But for the other 95% of the time, Xiino's speed and true cache are worth the price of admission. The interface is different, but I got used to it quickly. Only thing I really miss is being able to press the backspace key to go to previous webpage.
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    Quote Originally Posted by delao13
    Only thing I really miss is being able to press the backspace key to go to previous webpage.
    At least the browser controls are at the bottom of the screen so you can click back pretty easily with your thumbnail (some sort of screen protector a must there!)
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    The way Xiino speeds things up is by using a proxy. So, if you don't want yet another way that your privacy can be compromised, then you might not want it. It is bad enough that Tmobile was hacked for about a year recently.

    That aside, it seems to work pretty well, but I did run into a couple of technical problems. Maybe the proxy was having problems.

    And like others, I wasn't so happy with the interface. After the trial period wore out I went back to using Blazer. Blazer seems fine at about everything else, but just way too slow.

    And, I guess I really don't do much web surfing on my Treo 600.

    (I also ran into the same problems with Reqwireless. It was fast, but there were a lot of other quirks I didn't like.)


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