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    Poking around the site just now and saw that they sold cell phones (didn't know that)...searched for treo 650 just to see if they had it. Sure enough, it's listed and they're allowing preorders. Price is $399.99, with a $20 coupon applied at checkout (10% off cell phone purchases, applicable up to $200), and then a $50 MIR included in the box, for a total of $329.99

    If you proceed through checkout, you're allowed to select the MediaWorks plan for $19.99, and the details indicate that it's unlimited MB.

    As for whether you'll actually get the unlimited MediaWorks plan...or when the phone will actually be shipping...or how good Buy is about cell phone rebates...who knows. Just thought I'd pass this info along.
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    ah, mediaworks 19.99 is still unlimited
    treo 650: on my hand nya nya nya!

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