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    I am a Rogers subscriber and have just received my second replacement GSM Treo600 from palmOne.

    My original had Software: Treo600-1.12-ROG and had the palmOne logo when the phone turned on.

    The first replacement had Treo600-1.12-INT and the palmOne logo.

    This second replacement has Treo600-1.12-CNG and the Cingular blob logo.

    Will the Cingular software, Treo600-1.12-CNG, be transparent to me as a Rogers subscriber?
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    The Cingular phone you received as a replacement is most likely unlocked and you should have no problem using your Rogers SIM card in it.

    When I got my Treo 600 from Palm One, it was optimized for Cingular, but i have used both Rogers and now Fido Sim cards in it with no problems.
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    Thanks Eldon.

    I was concerned that perhaps the Cingular optimized phone might not find the Rogers tower as quickly as a Rogers optimized phone???

    So I used tokenwriter.prc to change the crnm from CNG to ROW and then I was able to overwrite/flash the phone with the Rogers software...

    All is well now whether I really needed to do it or not.
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    sounds like they screwed up and shipped you the wrong phone. but you should have no issues.

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