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    Hey all - this is slightly OT but this community is so knowledgable that I thought I'd pose this question here:

    My company runs Exchange 5.5 and I've created a rule to redirect all of my email from the Exchange server to my own linux machine (which, of course, is running a mail server with idle-enabled IMAP ). However, Exchange seems to have a problem redirecting mail from MAPI to non-MAPI systems -- I lose all of the CC, BCC and other header information in the process. Apparently Microsoft considers this to be "by design" ... which is ridiculous.

    I dug up more info on the problem here:

    I figure others may be having a similar problem when forwarding to Fastmail, which is why I'm posting this here. Can anyone please help... is there a way around this obvious flaw?

    Thanks in advance,
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